Contibute and colaborate

How to contribute?

  • Use the site. For people to make use of it is certainly the most important goal of the project.
  • Follow Gaze of Time on Twitter and Instagram and share among your friends is also a big hand.
  • Send feedback about your experience on the site, ideas about design and development, using the feedback form.
  • Edit content, improoving Wikidata source database and our own. That means to add dates to undated items but also add and improove the relations between items and properties.
  • Get involved as a developer. If you are a wikipedian, librarian, developer or if you are a geek on any particular subject and would like to see it shine as a timeline, I urge to write me and get on this side of the project.
  • Donations are a great help so that we can cover hosting costs and improve it. So far and for the past two years Gaze of Time is being running with zero budget, as a side project of mine. Every cent is of help via the Bitcoin Address36hsEnwq4kckUPB2HQi3RuoLMr68XfxAqw